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tornado on a street near a neighborhood

Do I Have Sufficient Tornado Insurance Coverage?

Insuring Your Home Against Severe Weather

Nearly every person who lives in Oklahoma or another part of "tornado alley" understands the stress that can come with determining sufficient insurance coverage for their home. Because of this threat of severe weather, deductibles and premiums may be higher and prompt you to obtain less coverage than you may need.

While the Oklahoma Insurance Department provides resources for tornado damage victims, it's essential to understand how to determine whether your coverage will be able to accommodate the lost or damaged items in your home. Here are some things to consider.

Can You Get Tornado Insurance?

While not every insurance company has policy additions specific to tornadoes, coverage is often included in your standard homeowner's insurance or listed as wind/hail damage. Because of this, you may already have tornado insurance and not even realize it. However, some companies may require you to obtain an add-on specific to "high winds" to accommodate certain damages.

What Does My Homeowner’s Policy Include?

A standard homeowner's insurance policy has four main types of coverage:

  • Dwelling: covers the actual structure of your home.
  • Other structures: covers property like sheds, fences, or separate garages.
  • Personal property: covers the belongings within the home.
  • Liability: covers any bodily injury on the property for those not living with you.

In the event of a disaster like a tornado, you'll want to ensure that the above coverage can adequately cover your belongings. You'll also want to factor in the possibility of having to completely rebuild the home or repair other damages. Older homes and the increased cost of building materials can also play a big role in how much coverage you may actually need.

Questions? Contact Our Tulsa Insurance Attorneys

After a severe storm, dealing with insurance claims can take a significant amount of time and money. If your claim is denied or devalued, seeking the help of an experienced insurance claim attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.

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