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October is National Fall Car Care Month

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

October is recognized annually as Fall Car Care Month, encouraging all motorists to prepare their vehicles for the winter conditions ahead. Since Oklahoma weather is largely unpredictable, it's crucial to regularly maintain your vehicle, especially in the later months of the year. Here's how you can ensure the longevity of your car's life this season.

Car Care Checklist

Although taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic is one of the easiest ways to ensure it's running properly, there are many things you can do on your own, too.


Good tires are one of the first lines of defense when driving in bad weather conditions. You'll want to check the pressure, as this drops in cooler temperatures, and tread depths. You can do this by placing a quarter in between the treads - if you can see George Washington's face, you should consider getting new tires.

Under the Hood

If you spent the summer going on road trips, it's a good idea to check under the hood for the fluid levels, battery charge, and if anything has become disconnected, loosened, or cracked.


Oklahoma can be icy, so having properly working brakes is crucial for your safety. If you notice any grinding or squeaking when braking, don't delay taking your car to the shop.

Your and your passengers' safety should be a top priority year-round, so avoid preventable accidents caused by maintenance issues this winter by having your vehicle regularly maintained, either at home or by a professional.

Tulsa Car Accident Attorneys

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that maintenance issues cause over 40,000 car accidents annually. Give yourself and other motorists the best chance at making it home safely by ensuring your vehicle is always up to date in its maintenance plan.

If a motorist is aware of internal vehicle issues and does not act accordingly, this could be seen as negligence if it causes an accident. Know that you have the right to take legal action against a driver who causes your injury. Call (918) 215-8856 to discuss your options.