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firefighter using a hose to put out the fire at a home

How to Prevent Home Fires and Burns This Thanksgiving Holiday

Ways to Make Thanksgiving Safer

According to a report from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), an average of 2,400 residential building fires occurred each year on Thanksgiving over a three-year span. Although these didn't result in a significant number of fatalities during this time, hundreds of injuries and thousands of dollars in damages took place. Cooking accounted for 77% of these fires.

As families across the country prepare for this day, it's crucial to understand how you can avoid these preventable accidents.

Practice Safe Kitchen Etiquette

From having too many cooks in the kitchen to young children running around, there are endless ways that a distraction or mishap could lead to a fire hazard. During the Thanksgiving holiday, establish a rule that only a certain number of people may be in the kitchen at one time and create a schedule for when you should make specific courses.

This allows all actively cooking individuals to focus on their tasks and control variables that may increase the likelihood of a fire.

Only Use Turkey Fryers Outdoors

Deep-fried turkey is a beloved tradition for people all over Oklahoma, but, unfortunately, this contributes to millions of dollars in fire damages annually. There are many ways of misusing these that may contribute to fires or burns, including:

  • Overfilling the fryer with oil
  • Leaving the fryer unattended
  • Using the fryer indoors or on a wooden surface
  • Allowing children to play near it

It's important to remember that oil can overheat quickly if not tended to, so remain attentive to the temperature and other hazards. Additionally, you should never attempt to use water to put out a grease fire; when using a deep fryer for turkey, have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Your safety is the #1 priority. Know that you can seek compensation for burns or other fire-related injuries that may be caused by someone else's negligence. If seeking legal representation during this holiday season, contact the team at Aizenman Law Group by calling (918) 215-8856 or filling out this short form.