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How to Sue a Health Insurance Company

If you pay for health insurance or are covered under a health insurance plan, you deserve to benefit from it. In one of our recent blogs, we discussed the steps you should take if you believe your health insurance claim was unfairly denied. This process involves filing an appeal, an internal review, and an independent external review.

While most cases are settled during the appeals process, sometimes, the insurance company may stillrefuse to cover your medical expenses. In these instances, suing the insurance company may be necessary. Below, we discuss what litigation may entail and how our insurance litigation attorneys can maximize your chances of reviewing a favorable outcome.

Two Types of Lawsuits Against an Insurance Company

In general, there are two types of lawsuits you can bring against an insurance company for a denied health insurance claim in Oklahoma, which are:

  • Breach of Contract. The insurance company failed to abide by the terms of its policy.
  • Bad Faith Insurance. The insurance company’s conduct caused damages, especially mental or emotional damages. In Oklahoma, the courts have established that an insurer found to have acted in bad faith may be liable for compensatory and punitive damages for the unreasonable delay or denial of a claim.

No one wants to go to court, including people who work for insurance companies. Oftentimes, the insurance company will be willing to offer a more fair settlement simply because you have an attorney by your side.

How to Gather the Right Evidence

No one expects their valid health insurance claim to be denied. Whether or not you plan on suing your health insurance company, there are steps you should take in order to help your attorney build a strong case on your behalf. Here are some ways that you can gather the right evidence from the get-go:

  • Document any correspondence between you and anyone from the insurance company
  • Always assume that the insurance company is recording your calls
  • Keep track of all expenses you incur, including medical expenses, transportation costs, attorney fees, and lost wages
  • Choose an attorney with experience in insurance litigation

Seek Help From an Insurance Litigation Attorney

Some people are concerned how they can afford to hire an insurance litigation attorney. The good news is that the legal team at Aizenman Law Group works on a contingency fee-basis, meaning that you can get quality legal representation without paying anything out of pocket.

Essentially, our team gets paid with a percentage of the amount recovered from the insurance company. In other words, we don’t get paid if we don’t help you win. Our fees are contingent upon how successful we are at winning your case.

Get risk-free legal representation for a denied health insurance claim today! Contact our Tulsa attorneys at (918) 215-8856 to schedule a free case evaluation today.