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Daniel Aizenman was featured in Super Lawyers® article

Super Lawyers® Article Features Attorney Aizenman’s Career Journey Thus Far

To say that Attorney Daniel Aizenman of Aizenman Law Group in Tulsa is driven to succeed is an understatement. In the last four years (2017 to 2020), he has earned a Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ recognition four times. This prestigious group is limited to no more than 2.5% of all practicing attorneys in a given practice area/region, and members must be under the age of 40 or have less than 10 years of practice experience.

Due to his numerous selections in such a short amount of time, Attorney Aizenman was recently featured in a Super Lawyers® article about the trials and tribulations of starting a legal career. With student debt spiraling out of control and the economy being shaky since 2008, the first steps to becoming a lawyer have been more difficult than ever. But Daniel was not deterred to follow his calling as far as he can.

Law School & Early Career

In the article, Daniel admits that he did not originally intend to be a lawyer. Instead, he “stumbled into” the career by chance and was surprised to find he not only enjoyed it but also excelled at it.

One of the reasons why a legal career can be intimidating is the cost of education. Many law students are slammed with debt and struggle to overcome it as they look for work once completing their J.D. and the bar exam. Attorney Aizenman recalls that he was comparatively quite lucky in terms of debt thanks to a scholarship he earned and job opportunities.

“I was fortunate. I got a substantial scholarship—one of the reasons I went to Oklahoma City University. And I worked all through law school, so my debt was pretty minimal.”

To get a grasp of what it would really be like as an attorney, Daniel interned at multiple firms and law offices. He gained valuable experience in bankruptcy, criminal law, probate, and estate law. Ultimately, he found himself working on personal injury cases for defense litigation. Although he was making a name for himself, Daniel did not find passion in “representing corporations against the little guy.” This disconnect between his work and his goals led him to found Aizenman Law Group, which exclusively represents injured claimants and plaintiffs.

Big Surprises & Looking Ahead

In the Super Lawyers® article featuring Attorney Aizenman, he discusses one of the biggest surprises of his career: litigating is just a fraction of his workday. We are commonly led to believe that being a lawyer means going to the courtroom each day to argue before a judge or jury. Daniel learned early on that the majority of the work an attorney does is dealing with adjusters, communicating with clients, and following through with appointments and plans. While these activities might not be as exciting as litigation, they are no less important for a case to be successful.

Daniel also shared his hopes and concerns about litigation moving forward, not just in his corner of Tulsa but across the entire legal world. In particular, he said, “I see a lot of unethical things. I see people that want to win at all costs. I don’t know if this is generational, but I hope people realize our ethics and the integrity of the profession shouldn’t be put aside just for a single case or for a single client; we should uphold those throughout.” As his multiple Rising Stars℠ selections indicate, the future of legal practice is very much up to those who are relatively new to the profession, so he aims to uphold the change he wants to see.

Would you like to know more about Attorney Aizenman’s career journey? You can click here to load a digital copy of the Super Lawyers® article featuring him, titled The Lucky Ones. For more information about Aizenman Law Group in Tulsa, call (918) 215-8856 or contact us online at any time.