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You Can Legally Ignore Someone Else’s Insurance

If drivers injure others in car crashes, victims expect insurance companies to cover medical expenses and car damages. Therefore, the injured anticipate insurance companies to reach out with vital recovery information.

Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely have good intentions when they contact liabilities.

Why Insurance Companies Call Liabilities

Insurance companies call liabilities (people they owe money to) for several reasons, and a majority of these reasons are devious.

An insurance company may call a liability to:

  • Obtain damning evidence;
  • Poke holes in the injured’s testimony; and
  • Offer lowball settlements.

None of these reasons help the injured, they harm them. Why do insurance companies want to hurt claims?

Liabilities reduce company profits.

Therefore, injured persons need to protect themselves from insurance companies. That’s why the injured need to know that they can legally ignore other peoples’ insurance companies.

Don’t Talk to an Insurance Company That’s Liable for Your Injuries

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, the insurance company liable for your injuries does not want to help you. You and your injuries are a threat to their profitability, and they will do everything they can to rip you off. For this reason, it’s rarely a good idea to talk to an insurance company that’s liable for your injuries.

You may believe that you have to talk to an insurance company if they call you, but that’s not true. You have the right to ignore an insurance company’s call, and you have the right to reject an insurance company’s settlement.

So, what do you do if you are injured in an accident? Call a personal injury attorney!

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