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4 Ways Car Insurance Companies Trick Injured People

Insurance companies act as if they genuinely care about their clients and will be there for them when times get tough. Unfortunately, when hard times do come, insurance companies are often nowhere to be found. In fact, when you or a loved one is a victim of someone else’s negligence, you can expect tricks from the responsible party’s insurance company.

However, Aizenman Law Group is here to help! We’ve created a list of four ways insurance companies trick people when they owe them for car accident injuries.

Outright Claim Denials

In some circumstances, an insurance company will shut down a claim before it ever starts, saying that they are not responsible for the person’s injuries. Sometimes, this is an outright lie, as the insurance company knows they are accountable for the damages, but choose to deny the claim anyway.

In other circumstances, an insurance adjuster may think that there isn’t enough evidence to offer a settlement to a claimant. In this case, the claimant may have to request another review of their case.

Don’t let an insurance company have the final say. If your claim is denied, it’s time to talk to a trusted personal injury attorney about your case.

Assuming that an insurance company doesn’t outright deny your claim, they may look into the matter and give you a call, but this could be a trap.

Obtaining an Early Testimony

If the at-fault driver’s insurance company calls you early on in a case, they are likely trying to get an untimely testimony. When it comes to car accidents, shock is a real thing. Some people take days or even weeks to process what happened during the accident thoroughly.

Therefore, obtaining an early testimony is advantageous for insurance companies because they can get victims’ testimonies while they are still in shock. Victims in shock are more likely to say that they are physically and mentally doing well when they aren’t and are typically more agreeable than they would be otherwise.

Regardless of when insurance companies call, there is no doubt that they pressure victims to give the answers that they want.

Manufacturing a Poor Testimony

Insurance companies know what kind of statements look good for cases, and they also know what kind of statements ruin cases. With these facts in hand, they call victims and direct conversations to cast doubt on who caused the accident in question and the severity of the victim’s wounds.

When talking to an insurance company, one wrong statement could result in lost compensation, or worse, a failed claim. For this reason, it’s never wise to talk to an insurance company without talking to a personal injury attorney first.

While some insurance companies try to deny or sabotage a claim, others will try to offer minimal amounts.

Lowball Settlements

In some circumstances, insurance companies offer mere percentages of what claims are actually worth in hopes that victims will accept them. If unsuspecting people do accept these claims, it’s near impossible to go back and argue for more money unless insurance companies acted illegally.

Based on the permanence of accepting settlements, it’s never a good idea to settle unless one know’s what their case is worth. If someone doesn’t know the value of a case, they should reach out to a trusted personal injury attorney for help.

Get the Representation You Need

One way to ensure that you don’t get swindled by an insurance company: hiring a personal injury attorney for your claim. A personal injury attorney can shield you from the backhanded tactics of insurance companies, and can help you fight for the just compensation you deserve!

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