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storm raining on rooftop of house

5 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

5 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home Infographic

For a property owner, water damage can be both a nuisance as well as a safety concern. Overlooking signs of this damage is something many homeowners do, which can ultimately be much more costly in the long run.

Understanding what to look for is vital to resolving the issue as quickly as possible to prevent it from damaging more of your home.

Water Lines, Wall Strains, or Discoloration

Keep your eye out for yellowish or brownish rings that form on walls, ceiling, and floors from internal water damage.

Paint Begins Peeling From the Walls

Excess humidity and water causes paint to lift from its surface, so peeling or bubbling paint is another cause for concern when it comes to internal water damage.

Musty Odors Around the House

If you notice a pungent moldy, stale, or musty smell in certain areas of your home, it’s a good indicator that a hidden water leak is behind it.

Visible Growth of Mold or Mildew

Visually, mold is one of the most telltale signs of water damage. Mold develops when there is excess dampness or moisture trapped in small areas, such as between walls, and can be a variety of different colors.

Sagging Ceilings and Walls

When water saturates drywall and ceiling material, the weight ends up weakening it and can cause certain areas of the ceiling to concave or sag.

If you experienced property damage due to a storm, hurricane, or another event, the Tulsa property damage attorneys at Aizenman Law Group have the resources, knowledge, and experience to file a property damage claim and fight against the insurance company on your behalf, if necessary.

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