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3 Tips for Talking to Insurance Companies

After suffering a car accident, it’s only a matter of time until insurance companies want to talk. Unfortunately, talking to an insurance company is never easy, but hopefully, these tips can help.

1. Direct the Insurance Company to the Police Report

Insurance companies often call clients to get the details of a case. Unfortunately, the details of one’s case can be difficult to recall hours or days after the incident.


Therefore, if an insurance company calls you looking for specific details, direct them to the police to find the report of the incident. The police report will include all the detailed facts of the crash and will help you more than your testimony will.

2. Refuse Recorded Conversations

Recorded insurance conversations are rarely helpful for those injured in car accidents. In fact, insurance companies often use recorded conversations to push the blame on the injured party even if the accident wasn’t their fault.


Therefore, when asked if the call can be recorded, say no.

3. Keep Personal Details to a Minimum

Insurance companies look for ways to discredit those injured in accidents in any way they can. Therefore, when an insurance company asks for personal information about your life, only share what you absolutely have to. Anything added on to the bare minimum can be used against you later on.

Need Help Talking to Insurance?

If you or a loved one suffers injuries in a car accident and wants help, an experienced personal injury attorney can talk to insurance companies on your behalf if you become a client. This can take the pressure off of you to say or do the right things, letting you rest easy while an attorney deals with your case.


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