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injury claim denied unsure why

Your Rights to Appealing a Denial

When you pay that insurance premium every month, you do so expecting your insurance company to cover your expenses in the event that you find yourself injured. You feel they are responsible for holding their end of the bargain, which is providing you with the compensation that you deserve. This expectation is one that many people have.

However, this is not the case with the majority of insurance companies.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not making customers happy. Due to this mentality, many insurance companies routinely delay and deny claims. If you’ve been involved in an accident and have had your insurance claim denied or delayed, the Aizenman Law Group may able to assist.

Why Was My Injury Claim Denied?

The denial of coverage is not a concrete decision forever. This means that you have the ability to contest a denial, meaning the insurance company can be held accountable legally for an unreasonable denial. Some of the most commonly seen reasons for denial of insurance claims include:

  • Preexisting Condition: This is one of the most commonly seen tactics used by insurance companies. They may claim that the injury you have didn’t occur in the accident you stated it did. They will try to link it to a health problem you had before the accident, meaning they aren’t liable.

  • Delay in Treatment: This is when the insurance company claims that you didn’t seek medical attention in a timely fashion following your accident.

  • Limited/No Medical Records: Without the proper medical documentation, the insurance company may try to claim that there was no injury at all, resulting in claim denial.

  • Incorrect Information/Incomplete Claim: When a claim is denied as an incomplete claim, it means that the information provided was incorrect. Even the simplest of mistakes are enough to get your case thrown out. It is always good to check with a qualified personal injury attorney, like those at the Aizenman Law Group, to ensure you have everything correct for your claim.

  • Expired Coverage: When there is a lapse in insurance or if the coverage is expired, this gives the insurance company ammo they can use against your claim.

What’s Next?

Seeing your claim denied when you know you are right can be very painful. We trust that insurance companies do the right thing when necessary, and they owe you a duty to act in good faith. However, that doesn’t always happen.

When it comes to standing up against insurance companies, nobody does it better than the Aizenman Law Group. Our attorneys have years of experience fighting for our client's rights. We work around the clock to ensure our clients receive the most favorable outcome possible.

Don’t let the insurance companies get away with denying your legitimate claim. Contact us today at (918) 215-8856 to learn more and get started on your free case evaluation.