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Common Lies Insurance Companies Tell Following an Auto Accident

Insurance companies have one thing in mind when handling claims:

Benefit the company and save as much money as possible.

Like any business, an insurance company's main goal is to make money in any way possible. In the insurance world, this is done by the insurance company “pulling the wool over your eyes.” That’s right, insurance companies routinely tell lies to their policyholders to maximize their profits.

It is important to consult with a qualified Tulsa auto accident attorney if you believe you aren’t being offered the compensation you deserve following an auto accident. Call (918) 215-8856 today to schedule your free consultation.

Here are some of the most commonly told lies from insurance companies:

Failing to Complete an Investigation

Insurance companies are required to investigate all claims immediately following their submission. Quick decisions on claim denials and unreasonable claims for denial are an indication that the claims adjuster or company investigation agent has not properly completed the claim evaluation.

Excessive Documentation Requests

All injuries are proven through documentation of some sort, whether it is basic medical records or expense statements. Often times, they will also want documents regarding lost wages and other damages that can be accounted for in a set dollar amount. While this is normal for any claim process, excessive requests may mean the adjuster has an ulterior motive to attempt to get you to give up on the process. Don’t fall for this trap, allow our Tulsa auto accident attorneys to assist you and help pursue the compensation you deserve.

Misleading Information About Benefits

Once you sign the dotted line, your claim is considered complete. However, insurance companies will often pressure you to sign knowing that they are not paying out the full compensation you deserve. If you later find out that you have additional benefits available that you were not compensated for, you may have a lawsuit against the insurance company.

Canceling a Policy

It isn’t uncommon for policies to get canceled out of the blue while going through a claim. This may leave you uninsured and unsure of what to do. It is important to note that insurance companies must have a valid legal reason to cancel your policy. If you find yourself in this situation, speaking with a qualified Tulsa auto accident attorney will be your best option—as they will know how to prove the insurance company wrong.

Making an Unreasonably Low Offer

Sometimes claims adjusters will make you an offer which is much less than the actual value of the claim, stating to either accept the offer or take them to court. When this happens, working with an auto accident attorney will allow you to take legal action against the lies the insurance company has presented to you.

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